Sunday, February 22, 2009

Worst fear ever

The creepy, dark, and haunting basement was one of my biggest fears. The worst part is that I will probably never get over that. It just happens to be that when I was little I never liked to be left places that I knew I couldn’t defend myself. What if something jumped out in front of me and like, hit me. I would just stand there and cry and wouldn’t know what to do. Well actually I would probably jump, fall to my knees, and then cry. My dad or one of my older brothers would always have to come with me down there. Never once would I be the one to go down there all by my lonesome. I had to be down there every night unless I wanted to take a bath instead of a shower. We never really had a normal house. Our shower was built in the far basement and we had a bathtub in the regular bathroom. It was just an awkward place for a shower I thought. Once we finally got a normal shower in the bathroom upstairs there was really no reason for me to go to the basement. Actually there was I lied. My dogs were also down there. When I wanted to spend time with them I had to go down there. Although I was down there a lot to see them I was still never over my biggest fear. I knew that they would protect me but it was just the feeling of not liking my basement. So I just learned to really suck up to my brothers. They were my big security blanket. After we moved out of that house I was never really scared of any more basements. If I were to go back to that house I would definitely not be able to go in the basement.

As the boys are left to fend for themselves on this island they face one of their biggest fears and that is the beasie. As some of the boys realize that the bestie is not real others tend to stuggle with fears of their own.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Techonlogy has impacted this semester greatly. Not only did i learn how to make and post thing but i also had help with my essays. I loved how we encorporated it in out unit. It was so fun

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daggers in Mens' Smiles

There are always daggers in people’s smiles no matter what you do. When you look at someone you always will have something that is wrong with the way that you smile at them. All people have them no matter what you may do. Even if you are trying to be the nicest person in the whole world. Most of the daggers that I get from people is usually bad. Not usually intending on it to be but oh well. Usually there are not to many people that don’t like me. Only once in a while I will have someone who will actually say they don’t. There was this one time, this year actually, when I got this smile that I knew it was not at all real. She is in one of my classes and she gives me the most daggerish looking smile that you can ever imagine. Although I never really did anything to this girl she was always so mean and cruel to me. One day, I know I did it, but I just gave her a smile. I tell you that is definitely the last time that I will EVER do that again. She told me that she was going to beat the crap out of me the next time that I did anything remotely close to that. Knowing me, well stupid me, I talked to the teacher and now well I really don’t go to that class anymore. So that was a dagger that I knew I was throwing out and I know that some people don’t do the same things that I do but it was a way of showing that I am and always will be stubborn. So even though many people may not realize that they have these daggers they do and sometimes they truly hurt others. Although I don’t think that it really made the slightest difference in my case.